‘Ground which can be abandoned but is hard to re-occupy is called entangling. (Sun Tzu, The Art of War)

‘Entangling’ is a project which has evolved slowly over the past two years but whose genesis is in my early childhood.

The beginnings of this body of work emerged from my interest in climate change, and love of the natural world, science and weather.  The genre of graphic novel has always interested me and its sequential filmic form lends itself to this visual narrative.

This Blog catalogues my research and development of Entangling as well as further consideration of the earlier layers of influence on my authorial voice.

Empathy is established through the construction and deconstruction of image and words, through editing and arranging, spoken or silent. Considered treatment of time and space within this narrative is paramount, this will aide the transportation of viewer.

This project is a visual contemplation on human existence in relation to the shifting flux of our natural environment. It observes our fluid relationship with nature and our existence in the Anthropocene.

Entangling presents a momentary view into the palimpsest of our experiences and actions.