The Fourteenth Illustration Forum from the MA Illustration team at Falmouth University is on 18th March 2016. The theme of this forum is BLUE and alongside the symposium, an exhibition of selected works will reflect considerations of this theme.


The earth is composed of blue (sky and water), green (vegetation) and brown (soil) and we naturally and often without thought visualise and assume this. The composition of Earth is balanced and harmonious when these three colours are pure and abundant. However, this fragile aura is disrupted when other colours infiltrate and disturb it, such as fire, smoke, industry and development, human interaction and pollution. These ideas form the overtone for the narratives within Entangling.


Entangling uses colour to encode the narrative and present a subtle visualisation of the disturbance of the earth’s balance. The BLUE sections in Entangling consider our relationship and awareness of water. The following images from Entangling have been selected for the exhibition.