During the summer, I’ve been working on the layouts for the remaining pages in my book. I arrange, enlarge and crop sections from my own photographs to create the sequential panels and pages. The photos have been collected into a personal library - images from field and study trips from different locations, countries, environments and times. This creates a useful visual reference bank and from this I can select and edit the imagery to use. 

When viewing the image library as a whole collection, unexpected arrangements and juxtapositions occur. Random sequences begin to take shape and form connections, which can then direct and deflect the narrative. This can sometimes be magical and uncover threads that I may never have previously visualised.  I can produce this random action by using the contact sheet function in Photoshop. My file naming is so disorganised that images start to move around in alternative and undetermined sequences when they are dropped into the contact sheet, pairing and grouping images that weren’t originally intended to work together. The images below are some of the 110 pages that I have finished composing.